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In the Spring of 2009 Renato Sebastiani moved to Los Angeles from his home in Italy to pursue his life-long passion in music. He soon collaborated with producer Alex Teamer (Boyz II Men, Quincy Jones), producer and multi-instrumentalist David Snow, and singer-songwriter Ryan Murphy; the latter relationship would give birth to the band Forty Point. The band recorded and released an album in 2009, Superheroes. They performed regularly and released additional EPs through 2015.

Since his teen years, songwriting captivated the attention of Renato Sebastiani. As a young man, Renato independently studied music & songwriting, and looked to world recognized pop, rock and R&B artists. He practiced his lyrical skills with like-minded friends and they eventually founded the acoustic rock band, The Great Mary-Go-Round. Full of inspiration and passion, the band published two EP’s and two full-length albums between years 2000 and 2007. Over the years, their sound progressed from rock to funk, and pop to electro beats. During the success of The Great Mary-Go-Round, Renato continued to write songs for himself, never letting the creative flow dam. Through all the production, he managed to publish his solo pop album Wishes, which debuted in 2008.

Currently, Renato spends his time writing, producing, recording and mixing in the Hollywood Hills for several bands and solo artists. Among these is the Italy-based project VICTORIA AND THE HYDE PARK, whose first three singles aired successfully in Italy, Japan, Brazil, Russia, Romania, South Africa,  and several other markets. In addition to working directly with musicians, Renato Sebastiani provides original music to many local publishers in Los Angeles for TV and movie placements. His capacity for creating in any genre spans from Synth-pop to dark and powerful instrumentals, to infectious hip-hop beats.

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